For simpler schemes you may wish to oversee the works on site yourself. However, on larger schemes and particularly with historic and listed properties the project process can be more complex. I am able to oversee the work on you behalf and liaise between yourself and your builder.

I can act as a technical go between to answer any queries on site. I can also discuss and research materials to help with any design decisions you may have to make as the work progresses, as well as explain any impacts on the design or project programme your decision may have.

I can also provide additional construction drawings and details as necessary and provide advice to help resolve any unexpected events on site.

Running a construction project under a formal contract provides you with greater financial and legal protection when committing to building your scheme. As well as setting out the basics of price and start and completion dates, a formal contract also includes details concerning insurance, payment terms and dispute resolution.

Some contracts require an independent professional to administer the contract particulars and this is something I can undertake, either as a stand alone role or in conjunction with more general site liaison.

My role would include the independent valuation of the works for stage payments and letting you know what is owed; agreeing any variations - both additional items or where items have been omitted - in the specified works; ensuring that the contractor progresses the works diligently; agreeing any extensions to the original contract period; and inspection of the works on site, during the building process, on completion and at the end of a period after completion, to ensure that the works have been completed in accordance with the specification.